Formica rufa 1, Behaarde rode bosmier, female, Saxifraga-Frits Bink Formica rufa 2, Behaarde rode bosmier, Saxifraga-Pieter van Breugel Formica rufa 3, Behaarde rode bosmier, Foto Fitis-Sytske Dijksen Formica rufa 08 : Formica polyctena, Behaarde bosmier
Formica rufa 5, Behaarde rode bosmier, Saxifraga-Jan van der Straaten Red Ant colony  Background of a Red Ant colony (Formica rufa) : Community, Formica, Formica rufa, abdomen, animal, ant, anthills, background, black, building, business, busy, closeup, collaboration, colonies, colony, concept, crowded, environment, fire ant, helping, hills, insect, lots, macro, many, mouths, natural, nature, nobody, piles, red, red ant, small, social, sticks, team, team work, teamwork, texture, thorax, together, weaver ant, wild, wildlife Red Ants Creeping around the Entrance of their Nest  Red Ant Colony Hustle : Community, Formica, Formica rufa, animal, ant, anthill, background, black, building, business, bustle, busy, closeup, collaboration, colony, commotion, concept, crawl, creep, crowded, environment, fire ant, flow, fuss, helping, hill, hustle, insect, liveliness, lots, macro, many, natural, nature, nest, nobody, piles, red, red ant, rush, small, social, sticks, team, team work, teamwork, texture, together, weaver ant Formica rufa 8, Behaarde rode bosmier, Saxifraga-Bart Vastenhouw
Formica rufa 9, Behaarde rode bosmier, Saxifraga-Roel Meijer : Collaboration, Cooperation, Teamwork